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Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine (Pty) Ltd

Africa Institute of Emergency Medicine Logo

Emergency Medicine was established as a specialist discipline in South Africa and registered as a division of the College of Medicine of South Africa in 2004. After almost two decades the discipline has evolved greatly with many universities and societies …

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ER Consulting Inc

ER Consulting Inc Logo

ER Consulting Inc manages emergency units nationally in 22 private hospitals, treating in excess of 30 000 patients every month. ER Consulting Inc. is the largest provider of consultative emergency medical services in the private sector on the continent…

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ER Advantage Medical Investments (Pty) Ltd

ER Advantage Medical Investments logo

ER Advantage Medical Investments was created several years ago to be the incubator vehicle for new businesses within the ER Group of companies. Over the past eight years, the company has seen businesses grow and develop, launching them …

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Specialist Governance Inc

Specialist Governance Inc Logo - First Care Solutions

Specialist Governance Inc is an emergency medicine specialist incorporation founded by emergency physicians to provide services in the healthcare marketplace. Emergency medicine, being a new discipline in specialist terms, is rapidly…

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Urgent Care South Africa 

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Africa knows that having immediate, affordable access to urgent medical care is important. From  colds to broken bones, their qualified doctors treat a wide range of non-life threatening illnesses…

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Investment Funds for Health in Africa

Urgent Care

The Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA) are private equity funds dedicated to investments in private healthcare companies in Africa. IFHA invests within companies in fast-growing markets & show unique advantages …

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