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Dr Steven Holt
Dr Steven HoltManaging Director
Managing Director, Founder and majority Shareholder of the ER Group of companies, Dr Steven Holt, brings together medical and business experience in First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd. He is a registered emergency medicine physician with 20 years’ experience in the emergency medicine sector, incorporating emergency departments and their management, Urgent Care, aviation medicine, telemedicine, training and wilderness medicine. Steve has a passion for developing entrepreneurial businesses in the healthcare space.
Mr Michael Kirk
Mr Michael KirkExecutive Director
In 2007 Michael joined ER Consulting Inc in a consulting capacity. A few months later he took on a full-time management position and has since developed the financial and administration divisions of both First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd and ER Consulting Inc. In 2009 Michael became a shareholder and director in First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Michael now heads up the Corporate Management Service departments of First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd as an Executive Director and is a non-executive director for AIEM (Pty) Ltd. His golf scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and his experience as a professional golfer has ensured his commitment to perfecting every aspect of his work.
Ms Susan Sherriff
Ms Susan SherriffExecutive Director
Susan has been the Marketing Director at First Care Solutions (Pty)Ltd, with the responsibility of marketing, brand management and new product development for First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd, AIEM (Pty) Ltd and ER Consulting Inc for the last 10 years. Prior to joining the ER Group of companies, she worked in marketing and events for SAP Africa (Pty)Ltd for more than three years where she coordinated and managed exhibitions, staff, client and partner events. Susan has twelve years’ experience in the South African private health sector and is a shareholder in First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Mr Max Coppoolse
Mr Max CoppoolseNon-executive Director (and Managing Director of IFHA)
Max Coppoolse graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in industrial psychology. After graduation, Max worked at Unilever for 11 years, and was responsible for the implementation of the restructuring for the Unilever meat/soup and tinned food group in the Netherlands. Max gained experience in reorganizing companies in Africa by his employment as the team leader of an international team which reorganized United Africa Company (UAC) based in Lagos Nigeria, a company responsible for up to 10% of worldwide profits of Unilever. Companies with turnovers of €100 million to €500 million were fully restructured using a greenfield approach. After returning to the Netherlands, Max joined KPN in 1990 as General Manager Business and Mobile Communication, and was responsible for a turnover € 600 million per year and oversaw 7000 employees. Following his career in general management, Max was employed by Phillips from 1993 to 1998 in various functions, ranging from CEO of Phillips Malaysia to General Manager of two media subsidiaries of Phillips. In 2000, Max joined Vodafone, where he served as a Director Special Projects. In 2003, Max became COO of PharmAccess Foundation, and is responsible for all operations of PharmAccess Foundation. In this function, Max gained extensive experience in the health sector in Africa. In May 2008 he was appointed as Managing Director of IFHA.
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